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Tasty Homemade Wine Recipes

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Now that spring is here, and summer is right around the corner, it’s a great time to start adding fruit to your homemade wine recipes using your wine press! The possibilities are endless with what you can add to your wine. Don’t just limit yourself to grape wine; it’s time to get creative this spring and summer!

We’ve pulled together five fun and tasty fruit wine recipes for you to try. So grab your wine press, fruit grinder, and your fruit of choice and let’s get started!

1. Blueberry Wine

Visit your local berry patch farm and pick some fresh blueberries for this delicious blueberry wine! No feeling blue with this one! Recipe from Marie Porter at Celebration Generation blog.

2. Apple Wine

Grab your apple cider press, cause you’re going to need an apple grinder for this one. This apple wine recipe is like an apple cider, but for adults! Give this one a go, and save some bottles to consume in the fall! Recipe from The Purple Foot.


3. Pineapple Wine

Toss your piña colada blender aside this summer and grab your wine press instead for this delicious pineapple wine! This recipe is straightforward and is ready for consumption after about a month. Recipe from Nisahomey.com


4. Blackberry Wine

This recipe states this wine is excellent for winter, but nobody said blackberry wine couldn’t be a summer drink too. While you’re at the berry patch picking blueberries for your blueberry wine, grab some blackberries while you’re at it for this recipe! Recipe from Tim Edison at Wine Turtle blog.

5. Elderberry Wine

For years, Elderberry wine has been a staple in central Europe. The best time for elderberry picking starts in mid-August. You’ll find this wine to be easy to make and provides a rich flavor to it. If you want a more refreshing taste, try elderflower wine instead! Recipe from Tim Edison at Wine Turtle blog.

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