Layaway Plan

Just Send $50 

And We’ll Set Aside A Press Of Your Choice!
We at Happy Valley Ranch want you to be able to purchase one of our fine presses. If you need to spread out your payments a little bit, just send us $50 and we will set aside a press of your choice. You can make your additional payments any way you choose to fit your budget. Once a week, or once a month, or one payment later on in the year. Just make it easy on yourself and when we receive your last payment in full, we will ship your press!
Be advised that the only pricing which could change is the freight. We re-evaluate our shipping charges periodically when UPS issues higher rates. You will be notified if this occurs.
Don’t hesitate – Set aside yours today! You’ll be glad you did!!
Just choose Layaway Plan at checkout.

Already have a layaway plan and need to make a payment? Head over to our payment page!