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How to Make Apple Cider With a Press

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While apple cider season may be over, no one said you couldn’t drink it all year round! Now that it’s almost summer you may have a difficult time finding fresh apple cider in town. Fortunately, if you’re an apple cider connoisseur like we are, with a press (also known as a fruit grinder) you can make gallons of it whenever you want! How to make apple cider with a press!

Now it’s no doubt homemade apple cider is better than the filtered cider you buy at the grocery store, so why wouldn’t you purchase an apple cider press? Not only can you produce tasty cider, but you can also produce wine as well!

If you’ve ever seen an apple grinder, you may look at it as a foreign object and think it is difficult to use. However, it is actually very safe and easy to use! So how does an apple cider press work? 

In short, an apple cider press grinds up apples and then presses out the juice. Easy enough, right? Let’s talk a little more technical.

For starters, to produce up to 2 to 3 gallons of cider, you will need a box of apples. One box should weigh about 40lbs. Make sure you have ripe apples only and throw out any rotten apples.  

Once you have all your apples cleaned it is time to put them in the fruit grinder. There is no need to worry about the seeds and stems of the apple, as they are small enough to pass through the grinder without getting crushed and finding their way in the juice. Additionally, the mesh liner acts as a filter to prevent those particles from passing through into the apple juice.

The grinder is an integral part as the apples must be ground into a pulp to release the juices. A grinder is used instead of a hand press because it is more powerful when pulping a whole fruit. It also requires less labor on your part and makes cutting the apples before unnecessary. The grinders on our apple cider presses from Happy Valley Ranch have stainless steel blades and either a 12lb or 18lb cast iron flywheel, depending on which press you have.

During the grinding process, the apple pomice (the residue) falls into the mesh-lined tub below to be pressed. Once all of the apples have been through the grinder, a press screw is lowered to the pressing disk. Turning the screw and pressing disk to press down on the pulp is what forms the juice. The juice then drips below into another container.

After pressing until there is no more juice to be made, compose of the pomace. Now that your first batch is ready, it’s time to transfer the cider into jugs and pour yourself a glass, or repeat the process and make as many gallons as you desire!

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