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Homesteader Cider Press & Grinder

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Pressing Bags

Large Pressing Bag
Large Pressing Bag
$12.95 | In Stock

Food Safe Coatings (Not Included)

EZ-DO polyurethane gel - PINT
EZ-DO polyurethane gel - PINT
$44.95 | In Stock
Polyurethane Entire Press
Polyurethane Entire Press
$450.00 | In Stock

Apple Cider Books

Cider: Making, Using & Enjoying Sweet & Hard Cider
Cider: Making, Using & Enjoying Sweet & Hard Cider
$19.99 | In Stock
Making the Best Apple Cider
Making the Best Apple Cider
$4.99 | In Stock
The Big Book of Cidermaking: Expert Techniques for Fermenting and Flavoring Your Favorite Hard Cider
The Big Book of Cidermaking: Expert Techniques for Fermenting and Flavoring Your Favorite Hard Cider
$29.99 | In Stock

Great Options

Retractable Wheels for Homesteader/Am Harvester by Happy Valley Ranch
Retractable Wheels for Homesteader/Am Harvester by Happy Valley Ranch
$99.95 | In Stock
Essentials Kit
Essentials Kit
$89.00 | In Stock

Homesteader Cider Press & Grinder

by Happy Valley Ranch Cider Presses

2-Year Warranty

Polyurethane Entire Press *NEW* 450 Dollar Option

This is a limited time offer available only in the off season. We will professionally coat your new press with two coats of EZ-DO, then hand-sand it to a bright finish before shipping.

All bare wood is required to have a protective coating. We recommend food-safe EZ-DO.

Free Fruit Tree Shaker

cider press tree shaker
Our fruit tree shaker will allow you to shake tree limbs and loosen apples from high above. Get hard-to-reach apples, pears, peaches, and more with the Fruit Shaker! This fun tool offers a safe and easy way to keep your fruit tree healthy and bountiful. Simply attach the Fruit Shaker to any standard extension pole or broom/mop handle and lightly shake the tree to knock off flowers and light fruit a couple of times a week until the fruit is about half size. Keeping fruit trees thinned leads to larger, more flavorful fruit at harvest time!

Single tub unit with all the features of our top model!

All the same features of our top-of-the-line double tub press in a single tub unit! Same basic frame and press screw assembly! Great all-purpose unit that grinds and squeezes apples, grapes and other fruits and veggies.

Features the Apple Eater

The most popular feature of the Homesteader Press & Grinder is the powerful "Apple Eater" grinding attachment that is easily mounted and unmounted for using separately. Apples are pressed and ground at the same time! The Apple Eater comes mounted on the back of the press so that the pulped fruit fall directly into the tub for squeezing.

Rugged design will last for many, many years!

Rugged designed is now made of maple hard wood for longevity. Each joint has been re-designed for a tighter fit-- and is still notched and cross-bolted.  The acme-threaded screw is 1 1/2" diameter and 22" long.  It features a four prong top, so turning is easy!

Built in the USA! Easy to use!

The acme screw presses against our updated pressing disk.  This disk, like the frame, is made of hard maple and has a 2" reinforced handle with inset for easy handling. The tub has beveled staves for easy cleaning. Drum assembly features hard maple wood with stainless-steel inset teeth.  We've increased the mass for increased power for apple eating. Cast iron grinding box. Sturdy unit designed to handle usage for decades!

All presses are unfinished. See our finishing option under Accessories. Also, check out our other accessories including pressing bags, petrol gel, how-to books and more.  Also, we offer our Homesteader Mega Kit that includes a motor kit, wheels, and needed supplies!  Buy together and save a bundle. 


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