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Making the Best Apple Cider booklet

From the Storey County Wisdom Bulletin Collection- a short but concise primer on all things apple cider and apple presses.

In Stock
The Big Book of Cidermaking

Equips readers with the skills they need to make the cider they want: sweet, dry, fruity, farmhouse-style, hopped, barrel-aged, or fortified.

In Stock
Motors Kits for Happy Valley Ranch Presses

Complete Motor Kits for Happy Valley Ranch Pioneer, Homesteader and American Harvester.

From $399.95
In Stock
EZ-Kote One Part Gel Varnish/Stain - PINT

Now offering EZ-Kote One Part Gel Varnish/Stain-- FOOD SAFE!

In Stock
Poxy Coat II

Poxy Coat II for Happy Valley Cider Press Ranch finishing!

In Stock
Petro-Gel Lubricant

Perfect for use on your Acme Screw and Grinder Shaft.

In Stock
Retractable Wheels for Happy Valley Ranch Complete Presses

Make moving your press easy with retractable wheels for your Happy Valley Ranch complete press.

From $99.95
In Stock
Handle for Flywheel

Handle ONLY for Flywheel

In Stock
Upper Cross-Arm & Acme Screw Combo

Upper Cross-Arm & Acme Screw Combo

In Stock
Rack Complete

Juice rack which goes under the Tub for better flow of liquid. The American Harvester racks are angle cut for fitting in the front of the tray. Sizes: AH & HS - 14 x 14. Please specify in the comments which one you would like.

From $42.00
In Stock
Upper Cross arm (cast iron) (Press made before 2014, see notes below)

Upper Cross arm (cast iron) (Press made before 2014, see notes below)

In Stock
Apples to Cider: How to Make Cider at Home

How to make 'cider' at home

In Stock
A First Course in Wine

From Grape to Glass

In Stock
Apple Peeler

Peels, Cores and Slices in One Operation

In Stock
Picking Bag

This Apple picking bag is a Happy Valley Ranch Popular item

In Stock
Apple Picker Upper Wizard

Large Wizard perfect for apples, black walnuts, sweet gumballs, tennis balls. Picks up nuts 1" to 4".

From $49.95
In Stock
Happy Valley Ranch Essentials Kit

An accessory pack that includes everything needed for your press-- 2 pressing bags, Ez-Koat and Petrol-Gel Lubricant.

In Stock
Pressing Bags

Pressing bags for Happy Valley Ranch fruit/wine/cider presses

From $10.95
In Stock
Cider: Making, Using & Enjoying Sweet & Hard Cider

The newly updated handbook shows you how simple it is to turn fruit into nature’s most refreshing drink.

In Stock

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