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Our Cider Press Shop

Our Cider Press Shop

Our cider press shop is a wonderland of hand tools, machinery and technology. It is all designed to make the best and longest lasting cider presses in the world.
Happy Valley Ranch Cider Presses are made to last 100 years. How do I know they'll last 100 years? Because people call me every season and tell me they found a cider press in a barn that's about quite old and ask us if we can make parts.
They're made out of the same hard maple we use today. So, I can say with great pride that our American Harvester and Homesteader presses will last many generations.

Where are Happy Valley Ranch Cider Presses made?

I also get asked if our cider presses are made in America, or just assembled here. There is no better wood to make cider presses than good ol' American hard maple. We make them in Dothan, Alabama.
Allow me to give you a quick tour of our shop

For our American Harvester and Homesteader, it starts with hard maple sourced from the northeast.  The Pioneer is made of Douglas fir from the northwest. 

Cutting area

Although we have miter saws, a table saw, a vertical panel saw, and sanders of all shapes and sizes, the star of the show is our Woodmaster planer/molders. These workhorse machines safely cut to width, mold, and plane large volumes in a short period of time.  Our Woodmasters are like adding a whole other person to our shop.

CNC area

The true star of the show is our CNCs.  We have four "prosumer" grade CNCs that make our drums, do the precision cutting.  We ask a lot of our CNCs by Probotix, and they answer the call to duty everyday.

Laser Area

Another overworked area is our OMTECH 150w laser.  This puppy does a fantastic job engraving our legs and cutting out the belt guards.

During peak season we have dozens of cider presses going out every day.

Article Posted: 09/18/2022 08:18:08 AM


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